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Our customized Food & Wine Tour itineraries are for travel in France, The Basque Country, Spain and Italy, and can be arranged for other international destinations.




   Escoffier Educational Trip, Nice & The Cote d'Azur

                       Cuisine, Wine, History & Culture

                                         October 21-28

              Video highlights from the last Escoffier trip

               Photo highlights from the last Escoffier trip


“Food & Wine, Culture & History and the Foods

of the Royal Tables”

Paris & Versailles

The Loire Valley and its Châteaux Chambord, Chenonceau, Ussé, Villandry, Angers, Brissac & Saumur and

Lyon, gastronomic capital of France

May 10-24

Discover Paris, Beaune & Lyon

Cuisine, Wine, History & Culture

May 28 - June 7

                           Discover Northern Italy

                            Milan, Parma & Florence

                                  July 28-August 5

                         Discover the Basque Country

                        Bayonne, San Sebastian & Bilbao

                                       October 20-28





                                        Sirha - Lyon

                                     January 26-30

We proudly unveil our itinerary for Lyon, France to be a   part of the excitement of these international culinary showcases.                                   

                          International Catering Cup

                                  World Pastry Cup

                                        Bocuse d’Or


                                    Bon Voyage!


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